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Thread: XMC 2Go I2C error handling when no device is connected

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    New Member New Member kamils is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2017

    XMC 2Go I2C error handling when no device is connected

    Hi, I'm using XMC2Go development board and go I2C working correctly with some external devices. Now I need to make the code reliable when device is disconnected, but I found that I2C channel gets into a state that I can't recover.

    I call
    // init sequence, 
    // and then
    XMC_I2C_CH_MasterStart(channel, address, command);
    // when device is present is present it returns XMC_I2C_CH_STATUS_FLAG_ACK_RECEIVED
    // but when it's disconnected it gives XMC_I2C_CH_STATUS_FLAG_START_CONDITION_RECEIVED (!)
    The status code surprised me, but fine, I could treat it as error here, however now the channel is broken, when I call
    XMC_I2C_CH_MasterStart(channel, address, command);
    again (e.g. trying to check if device is now connected) it will hang.

    I'm guessing the first call to XMC_I2C_CH_MasterStart left the transmit buffer full and subsequent calls to this method will hang on XMC_USIC_CH_GetTransmitBufferStatus returning busy.

    Now, the questions are
    - how to properly detect lack of device and
    - (if the above code it approximately what should be done) how to reset the channel in case of detected errors (I tried calling
    , but it didn't help)

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    Beginner Beginner persike will become famous soon enough
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    Sep 2017
    Hello kamils,

    Are you using DAVE4? In case of using it, could you please provide your code/project?
    I've been trying to use I2C+Sense2Go to read a TLV493D (on DAVE4) but it isn't working as expected. I did it on DAVE3 but I want to move to the newest one.

    Thank you,
    Best regards.

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    New Member New Member cinderblock is on a distinguished road
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    May 2017
    I think I was facing the same problem.

    XMC_I2C_CH_MasterStart() would hang after a NACK response.

    Turns out this was because I had a XMC_I2C_CH_MasterStop() after receiving the NACK. This would sit in the transmit buffer blocking any future use of the I2C bus.

    Hope this helps someone. I came across this thread from a google search.

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