Hi all,

I can set and see differences betwen old and new setpoint value, KP/KI value, Main Freq,
But, when I set dither value (Msg#3, Msg#4), and enable dither (Msg#3), I could not see difference between old and new curve, curve is seen the same on the oscilloscope screen.
Also I set different values to see dither wave, but I cannot.

Do you know why? and Could you send me curve shot with dither and wthout dither?

example used data is below what I used;

cyristal (SCK): 40MHz
Main period set (Msg#1) : 1250 , 1kHz is ok
setpoint value : 245 -> 319mA // it is ok
dither step size(Msg#3) : 15
dither enable(Msg#3) : 1
Dither period set (Msg#4) : 4

spi sending data(Msg#3) : 0x8C80F8F5
spi sending data(Msg) :0x90000004
spi clk: 10MHz

Thank you for your help,