Hi all,
I am a student currently writing my paper using the 24 GHz Automotive Radar Kit.
I have a few questions regarding this kit, any inputs regarding these topics are welcome.

at the moment I have successfully retrieved the raw adc samples from the udp packets,
and they looked fine. however the firmware "RFbeam 24GHz V2" does not send all adc samples
by default, a few lines need to changed , not sure if it is a bug or intended.

current setting
sample rate : 366.3khz,
measurement frame rate: 16fps, 128 chirps x 128 samples per frame.

my questions:
(I need the adc samples)

1, why 366.3k is chosen as the sample rate?
2, Is it possible to increase the sample rate and sample number (256 chirps x 256 samples) ?
3, if the sample rate is increased, can the ethernet module handle the 4x data rate without data compressing?
the current udp packet rate is about 1.1MB/S (10Mbit), the ethernet module supports 100Mbit rate,
but I've done a few tests it tops at 2MB/S (maybe I did someting wrong?)