Hi all,

we are using downloaded software package for TC297 start kit V1.0:

The software which is released by Infineon: “Application_Kit_TC297x Firmware package.exe”
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We have successfully make it work on TASKING compiler eclipse, see the picture below,
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but our doubt is does this example working at polling mode to wait for TCP connection to be build, It means one of the Trico will be totally occupied by Lwip Http server?

We both know most safe way to implement LwIP should be with RTOS with a Task or Threads such as below with FreeRTOS:
sys_thread_new("main_thrd", (void(*)(void*))main_thread, 0, THREAD_STACKSIZE, DEFAULT_THREAD_PRIO);

Then this Task or Thread won’t occupied whole Core1/2/3, Or we should build our own small scheduler to call “tcp_fasttmr” or Could you recommended us a RTOS to do that?

Please confirm this with us. We can not afford to lost one core and Lwip webserver is not a very key task.

Thanks in advance!

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