we have bought some TLE5012B sensors preconfigured as SPC devices (E9000 derivate), but we would like to use them as SSC devices, so according the manual there is a possibility to reconfigure the chip writing the needed configuration to MOD4 register (the 2 lower bits).
I have tried to configure this register writing there 00b or 01b but without success. The chip continue to run as E9000. I've checked the configuration reading MOD4 register but I have the same value there (11b), so nothing was saved. I am pretty sure it is working everything with my reading/writing functions, because everything works with angles, checksum has also a right value.
I've tried to change interface configuration of another derivate (E5020), but also without any signs of success. It always stays the same configuration in the MOD4 register, so it seems not to be possible to reconfigure any TLE5012B chip.
What am I doing wrong?

With best regards, Alex