Hello there,

I want to export the detected target information(the distances of the detected object) to some external microcontroller(arduino).
I see that by default the UART pin of the Distance2Go board doesn't send anything.I had already asked to the technical support about how to send the
detected object data to other devices via UART, and they said that it is possible to do that but i need to implement my own UART code to the board.

I have already read some of the documentation in the ComLib_C_Interface documentation that are inside the distance2go folder.It seems that the range/distance data are able to be queried from the
EndPointTarget detection library(EndpointTargetDetection.h) on the Target_Info_t Struct.

Is there any example how to do data query on the board?I really dont have any clue to implement the function, thanks before.

Best Regard,