I'm currently developing can bus on Aurix. I followed example in "Multican_can.h" to setup Multican, and made simple trasmit sample.
Pins were corretcly assigned and initalized via pinMapper (Tasking). The message object initialization is defined following way:


// create message object config
IfxMultican_Can_MsgObj_initConfig(&canMsgObjConfig , &canSrcNode);

// assigned message object:
canMsgObjConfig.msgObjId = 0;

canMsgObjConfig.messageId = id; // 'id' is defined globally
canMsgObjConfig.acceptanceMask = 0x7FFFFFFFUL;
canMsgObjConfig.frame = IfxMultican_Frame_transmit;
canMsgObjConfig.control.messageLen = IfxMultican_DataLengthCode_8;
canMsgObjConfig.control.extendedFrame = FALSE;
canMsgObjConfig.control.matchingId = TRUE;

// initialize message object
IfxMultican_Can_MsgObj_init(&canSrcMsgObj, &canMsgObjConfig);

the send functin is :

const unsigned dataLow = 0xC0CAC01A;
const unsigned dataHigh = 0xBA5EBA11;

// Initialise the message strcture
IfxMultican_Message txMsg;
IfxMultican_Message_init(&txMsg, id, dataLow, dataHigh, IfxMultican_DataLengthCode_8);

// Transmit Data
while( IfxMultican_Can_MsgObj_sendMessage(&canSrcMsgObj, &txMsg) == IfxMultican_Status_notSentBusy );

the probles is that it not works because STAT.B.TXRQ bit is always set to 0 and CAN so actually send message.
how to fix this problem?