I'm new to programming TriCore MCUs. I am trying to get a program running on all the three cores of the MCU, and I am using tc275 board and Tasking software.

Documentation, which isnt really helpful, is specifying that i need to make file containing following code:

//file: Ifx_Cfg_CStart.h
#define IFX_CFG_CPU_CSTART_ENABLE_TRICORE0 (1) //Cpu0 is enabled
#define IFX_CFG_CPU_CSTART_ENABLE_TRICORE1 (1) //Cpu1 is enabled
#define IFX_CFG_CPU_CSTART_ENABLE_TRICORE2 (1) //Cpu2 is enabled

but i dont know where i should include that file, or where I should save it.

Any information/tutorial/advice on how to enable all cores and run code on them is welcome. Thank you