Trying to manually implement an Interrupt triggered by edge on pin, using the TIM module of GPT.
It seems that each TIM channel supports 8 Input signals. In the pin-configuration-list of the data-sheet pads are marked f.e. with "GTM_TIM0_IN5_8". So I assume that this pin is Input-nr 5 (out of 0...7) of TIM-channel0.

1. Where in the GPT.TIM-Registers can I select which Input 0...7 should be used ? (I would expect a 3-Bit-field to select between Inputs 0...7)
2. What does the last number "8" mean in "GTM_TIM0_IN5_8" ? Obviously more than 1 pin exists that can be used as TIM0_IN5. How to select between them ?

Any help appreciated.