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Thread: XMC1100 ADC Problem with setting Gain

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    XMC1100 ADC Problem with setting Gain

    Hello everyone,

    I have a XMC1100 Boot Kit (KIT_XMC11_BOOT_001) and would like to use its ADC with a gain of 12.
    I have tried to configure the ADC with Dave and added an ADC_MEASURMENT APP, but there is no option for setting gain there.
    So i tried it without gain at first and the measurement works, but I do need the gain.
    So after that I found the function "XMC_VADC_GLOBAL_SHS_SetGainFactor" in the xmc_vadc module and tried using that, but when stepping into the function in debug mode i noticed that writing to the Gain control register GNCTR00 doesnt seem to work. The value of the register (in the "Expressions" window of Dave) doesnt change.
    Specifically, i am using: XMC_VADC_GLOBAL_SHS_SetGainFactor(GLOBAL_ADC_0.glo bal_shs_ptr, 3, XMC_VADC_GROUP_INDEX_0, 2);
    I also tried directly setting the GNCTR00 register this way: GLOBAL_ADC_0.global_shs_ptr->GNCTR00 |= ((uint32_t)3 << 8);
    But neither of those change the value in GNCTR00.
    So i took a look at the datasheet and found that the gain control register is supposed to be at the memory address 0x48034180. I entered that address into the memory watch window and found out that the contents of this register are as follows:
    Address 0 - 3 4 - 7 8 - B C - F
    48034180 ???????? ???????? ???????? ????????
    As far as i know, this means that there is nothing at this register. That would explain why i cant successfully write to it, but the Datasheet says that there should be something there, so i am a bit confused.
    So what am i missing here? Does the Chip not have settable gain after all? Am i just looking at the wrong function, or using it incorrectly?

    Best regards,

    EDIT: Nevermind, I got it to work after all.
    I added the line:
    SHS0->GNCTR00 |= ((uint32_t)3 << 8);
    at line 231 of xmc_vadc.c
    and tested it by applying the same voltage to two different ADC channels, which gave different results by the expected factor.
    I´d still like to know how to write to that register from my main file, but its not that important now.
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    Actually the structure member global_shs_ptr is not initialized properly by the APP in the case of XMC11
    We will fix it in the next release.

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