Hi all,

Selecting the right Evaluation Board is important in the pre-development stage. Unfortunately, I am new to the Motor Driver and controller area. My plan is to develop a motor controller for a BLDC motor (48V, 5KW) for Automotive Application. Since the output current is very high, I am not finding the exact Eva. Board. But I am sure that, working on an Eva. Board with low power output can be used/ modified to my High Power application (Correct me if I am wrong!).

Can someone suggest me the an Evaluation board for BLDC motor? (I hope I can start working on this Evaluation Board and then change the circuitry to High Power in future)

The requirement for my original project is as given below:

Input : 40V- 48V
Motor : 5KW BLDC motor/ 3phase PMSM (4 quadrant operation)
Load : 130A max
Feedback sensor : Hall sensors, Current sensors, Temperature sensor
Control : Vector control or Sensorless FOC , 6 step methods (if I use Hall sensor)

Operating Frequency / PWM frequency : No Information
ROM / RAM /Flash requirement : No Information
Communication : LIN or CAN
Number of ADC channels : No information

Also, From readings, I was informed that ARM Cortex M4 would be a good choice as Microcontroller. What would be a better suggestion for a Microcontroller (Automotive Application)?

Any further information can be provided. (This is my first post in this community)

Thanks in advance.