Today we published new versions of DAVE APPs for DAVE4.4.2
You will be notified about the update next time you start DAVE4, giving you the possibility to update your installation.
We strongly recommend to upgrade your projects using any of the updated APPs.

6 DAVE APPs have been updated (fixing of issues, adding new features, update)
- Fixed PMU_FLASH_WS definition for XMC4300 devices

- Fixed code generation for SPI mode and XMC1 family
- Fixed SDMMC_BLOCK_SD_GetSectorCount()

- Update to FatFS R0.13c
- Fixed compilation issues when C standard IO library stubs are enabled

- Updated lwIP code base to 2.1.2

- Fixed initialization of pin output levels in function HW_Init() to avoid random initialization

- Fixed vApplicationGetTimerTaskMemory() return value
- Updated mpu_wrappers.c to FreeRTOS 10.1.1