I'm designing an AC to DC to AC converter that has uses 120V single phase wall voltage as the input and outputs voltage for motors with L-N voltage of 60-120V, power ratings up to 900W, and fundamental frequencies from 200 - 1200Hz. I'm planning to use the IMC101T-T038 for motor control in combination with the IKCM15H60GAXKMA2-ND to do the heavy lifting.

Question #1: What's the maximum allowable ripple on the DC bus? I'm trying to calculate the capacitance needed to smooth out the rectified waveform, but I don't know what the IMC101T-T038's spec is for that. Does it have DC bus ripple compensation built into the MCE?

Question #2: When using the IPM Motor Drive simulation tool, I noticed it wouldn't let me input frequencies higher than 1000Hz. Does that mean this chip won't work for my application since it can't control motors with fundamental frequencies in the range of 1000Hz - 1200Hz?