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Thread: "controller"

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    Hi Help
    We need a controller that will work with 3 phase BLDC high-voltage low AMPS in designed with out hall sensors!

    As you know the" winding" of the coils and connections are different from all (Outrunner) motors
    And works at very high voltage and frequencies also very low Amps

    We experimented with three phase high voltage output BLDC controller (we could not get) the speed and or the torque that the Lg motor assembly could get!

    We were advice that a "controller", which is specific in designed, and engineered
    for the BLDC Outrunner Washing Machine Drive Motor are the only ones who already have experience with the BLDC washing motor can design a controller for our experiment!
    Is this true?

    (Our Goal) is to have a 4800-5000+ RPM and all the possible torque at the most efficient way possible Like the LG Washer Drive Motor 4417EA1002Y AHL72914402 Assembly! this is only for an example we are referring you to the LG motor Assembly

    Our research shows that the LG Washer Drive Motor is running at HV 310+ and very Low AMP (3to5 AMPS)

    We would like to run the BLDC Outrunner Washing Machine Drive Motor at 400v +

    Here's is a developer that sent us a controller but have yet to send us the proper running software to run our BLDC Outrunner Washing Machine Drive Motor
    We have attached of an image of the controller for you to examine by your engineer

    Also we are adding Picture of the Outrunner Washing Machine Motors that we have
    been working with

    A fellow that got me motivated in a project is (Mr. Gerard Morin)
    Gerard has started a (YouTube channel) about 5+ years ago and I got to meet him and we have the same interest an goals to make this wonderful world a better place.

    We have many people telling us they know how to build a controllers for your project but none ever have succeeded in our quest to make the 12" drum motor that is used in the washing machine!

    The drum motor has tremendous amount of torque and low energy consumption at 310+ volt in operation and it has a low current 3 to 4 amp at 1200 RPM!
    But our projects requires 4800 to 5000 + RPM to be useful!

    Once we achieve these parameters Gerard said that our group would be selling at least 5000+ unit per month to start with!

    Regards Mario
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