Dear SDCC users among the XC800 programmers,

today the first Release Candidate (RC1) for SDCC 3.8.0 has been created.
As always it has been put online in our SourceForge File section.

If you have the time, please verify it and report back with the positive
or negative results.

In previous release 3.7.0, no binaries were released. 3.8.0 has binaries
gain, though the list of binary platforms changed. For 3.8.0, binaries
are released for GNU/Linux on amd64, Windows on amd64, macOS on amd64,
Windows on x86.
However: Unlike previous binary releases, the windwos installer have not
been checked by the Release Manager (my only machine with a Windows
installed needs a new poer supply, which hasn't arrived yet).

There have been various of improvements, both features and bug fixes
since SDCC 3.7.0. The full ChangeLog is at

The following is a list of particularly noticeable new features.

* Additional general utility function: bsearch()
* Support for rematerialization in the stm8 backend reduces register pressure and stack usage
* Merged upstream GNU binutils 2.30
* All Python code is now fully compatible with both Python 2.7 and Python 3.6, so Python 3 can be used instead of Python 2.
* Regression testing for diagnostics.
* Improved handling of local bool variables in the mcs51 backend substantially reduces code size.
* Large memory model for stm8 for 24-bit codespace allows using more than 32KB of Flash for code.
* New optimizations for calls to some standard library function (printf(), puts(), strcpy()).
* The type of true and false from stdbool.h change from int to bool.
* New C2X mode (--std-c2x, --std-sdcc2x, #pragma std_c2x) adds support for one-argument static_assert variant.
* Intermingling of declarations and statements (ISO C99).
* Support headers for AX8052 devices.
* Adopted GCC 8.2 regression tests (execute part of the GCC C torture tests).

Philipp Klaus Krause
SDCC 3.8.0 Release Manager

P.S.: Apart from the improvements in standard compliance, and the better handling of local bool, there is no "big" new feature relevant to mcs51 / xc800 programming. But there some smaller improvements in code generation and many bugfixes.