Hello.. I am using EBU unit in XMC4800. I want to interface it to a external FRAM. I want to use the configuration as 16 bit multiplexed asynchronous access. I am getting all the control signals correctly. But the problem is, in AD[15 : 0] multiplexed bus am getting only data when RD_WR/ is low. But when ADV/ is low I am getting invalid address. I have configured BUSRCONx.PORTW as 01B and BUSCONx.AGEN as 0. Is there any additional register configuration to configure it as multiplexed bus? And one more thing is I have not connected any external memory to microcontroller. I am checking this with the help of XMC4800 Relax Kit. They have provided pin headers so that it can be connected to CRO.