I try to implement a gateway with FIFO on a TC277 but I encounter a problem.

I have set MO10 to receive a CAN frame on CAN 0 and transmit it to the CAN 1 using a FIFO with MO4, 5 and 6.

I set MOFGPR10 with SEL =0, CUR= 4, TOP= 6 and BOT = 4.
MOFCR10 is set in Gateway mode

MO4, 5 and 6 are set as FIFO slave with CUR = 10, TOP =6 and BOT = 4.
TXEN1 is set to 1 in MO 4

The first 3 frames are transmitted, TXEN1 is sent in MO5 after the first Tx then set in MO6 after the 2nd but after it doesn't roll to MO4 and none of the 3 MO have a TXEN1 set to 1.

I have check MULTICAN_CONFIG_EXAMPLE_XMC47 but it use DAVE to configure the Message Objects so I can't check the registers value.

Any idea about what is wrong ?