We have the Sense2Go_3.1 board. I am trying to replicate the S2GTWO_MD_SA_B01 Dave project, which doesn't open properly in Dave4. In the APP Dependency visual view, none of the components are double-clickable.

I have mostly replicated the project now, but have noticed one difference between my setup and the S2GTWO_MD_SA_B01 original. In the generated code, there are the lines:

void DMA_CH_IFQ_reload(DMA_CH_t *obj)
XMC_DMA_CH_EnableEvent(obj->dma_global->dma, obj->ch_num, obj->config->events);
XMC_DMA_CH_SetEventHandler(obj->dma_global->dma, obj->ch_num, obj->config->callback);

XMC_DMA_CH_SetBlockSize(obj->dma_global->dma, obj->ch_num, 1024);
XMC_DMA_CH_SetSourceAddress(obj->dma_global->dma, obj->ch_num, (uint32_t)pDMA_src_IFQ);
XMC_DMA_CH_SetDestinationAddress(obj->dma_global->dma, obj->ch_num, (uint32_t)pDMA_dst_IFQ);

My code has the bottom three in place, but I don't see what is generating the top two lines. The rest of my DMA setup looks the same. When I run my app, the DMA isr is never triggered. I'm not sure how to proceed on this.