I am working with TriBoard TC397 B-Step and want to integrate Lockstep CPU.
From the documentation I know that the 'SCU_LCLCON0.B.LSEN0' bit show if Lockstep is enabled and the 'SCU_LCLCON0.B.LS0' bit indicates that the core is running in Lockstep mode.
Is that right so far?

In my program the bits are set and core0 is the master core so the other cores shold control the operation. But when I execute code wich toggles an LED, the LED is toggles from each core. I thing it should only be toggle from core0.
What else do I need to do to use Lockstep?

And when an error accures in Lockstep, an alarm flag should be raised in the SMU. How can I check that to detect errors?

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