I'm looking for a suitable power supply for the gate driver 1EDI60N12AF. As it is a isolated driver, it uses two isolated voltages, 5V and 12V or 15V. My question is basically about the ratings of the 15V power supply. The gate driver datasheet specifies a minimun peak current of 6A. But that doesn't mean that my supply has to be rated at 6A or 10A. In fact, my PWM frequency is 10 kHz, so I expect an average current drawn from 15V supply of I = Q x Fs, where Q is the total gate charge of my power MOSFET and Fs my PWM frequency. According to my power mosfet datasheet (IRF250P224), the total charge is 160 nC (for a VDS of 200V), so I = 160nC * 10 kHz = 1.6 mA.
In summrary, do you think that a 15V power supply rated a 66mA/1W is suitable? The minimum 6A peak current is provided by the decoupling capacitor, right? I'm just starting to do designs in Electronics, so I'm trying to strengthen some concepts.
My project involves mains, so I will use an AC/DC converter to get the 5V (IRM-15-5), and isolated DC/DC converter to step up the 5V to 15V (R1SE-0515/H2-R).