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Thread: XMC ECAT0 Alias

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    New Member New Member motionics is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2018

    XMC ECAT0 Alias

    I want to check or change the Station Alias.
    However, it seems that the correct information can not be read or changed through the defined ECAT0.
    Are there other conditions or procedures for use?

    ECAT0 is defined in "XMC4300.h" as follows.
    #define ECAT0 ((ECAT_Type *) ECAT0_BASE)

    I read the information below but it is different from what I actually run on Ethercat.
    ECAT_Type* pECAT_Reg = ECAT0;
    nReadStation = pECAT_Reg->STATION_ADR;
    nReadAlias = pECAT_Reg->STATION_ALIAS;

    Of course, there is no change even if you input the following values ​​at various timings.
    pECAT_Reg->STATION_ALIAS = (uint16_t)nSetAlias;

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    Intermediate Intermediate
    Infineon Employee
    Infineon Employee
    MichaelIFX is on a distinguished road
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    Mar 2016
    Hi motionics,
    inside the function HW_Init which is implemented inside generated code of ECAT_APP (xmc_eschw.c) two pointers to callback-functions are defined:
    pAPPL_EEPROM_Reload = HW_EepromReload;
    pAPPL_EEPROM_Write = HW_EepromWrite;

    Since SSC 5.12 these callback pointers are set to zero inside SSC initialization when MainInit is called.
    Therefore since SSC 5.12 it is obligatory to set these callback pointers after (and not before) MainInit of SSC is called.

    We will fix that in short term and release an update of the APP.

    If this does not fit your schedule and you need assistance in short term before this release, please feel free to get in contact with me via PN.

    Kind Regards

    The views expressed here are my personal opinions, have not been reviewed or authorized by Infineon and do not necessarily represent the views of Infineon.

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    New Member New Member motionics is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2018
    Hi MichaelIFX,

    How do I know the current Station Alias?
    Is it impossible to read and verify the ECAT0_BASE area?

    Do I have to write to the EEPROM to replace the Station Alias?
    Is it not possible to write in the ECAT0_BASE area?

    Best Regards,

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    Beginner Beginner xyyeh is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2017
    Hi, is there any updates from Infineon regarding this matter? We are trying to update the SII in the eeprom and ran into some problems. I guess if the EEPROM reload and write is not setup in MainInit, the SII will not be updated?

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