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Thread: XMC4800 Interrupt by RTC_XTAL1

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    May 2018

    XMC4800 Interrupt by RTC_XTAL1

    I'd like to generate an IRQ by a falling edge on RTC_XTAL1. For this I can use ERU0, 1B1.
    Can someone tell me how to configurate the MCU for this purpose?
    Im using an XMC4800F144.

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    Jul 2016

    unfortunately, I don´t have a complete working solution but I guess it´s better to show you how it could be realized. Maybe you also notice some small detail that I missed.

    #include "xmc_scu.h"
    #include "xmc_gpio.h"
    #include "xmc_eru.h"
    const XMC_ERU_ETL_CONFIG_t eru_etl_config =
      .input_b = ERU0_ETL1_INPUTB_SCU_HIB_SR1,
      .enable_output_trigger = 1,
      .output_trigger_channel = XMC_ERU_ETL_OUTPUT_TRIGGER_CHANNEL1,
      .source = XMC_ERU_ETL_SOURCE_B,
      .status_flag_mode = XMC_ERU_ETL_STATUS_FLAG_MODE_SWCTRL,
      .edge_detection = XMC_ERU_ETL_EDGE_DETECTION_FALLING
    const XMC_ERU_OGU_CONFIG_t eru_ogu_config =
      .peripheral_trigger         = 0U, /* OGU input peripheral trigger */
      .enable_pattern_detection   = false, /* Enables generation of pattern match event */
      .service_request            = XMC_ERU_OGU_SERVICE_REQUEST_ON_TRIGGER, /* Interrupt gating signal */
      .pattern_detection_input    = 0U
    void IRQ_Hdlr_2 (void)
    	uint8_t index;
    	index = 0;			// used just to set the breakpoint, unfortunately this point in code is not reached
    int main(void)
      XMC_ERU_ETL_Init(XMC_ERU0, 1, &eru_etl_config);
      XMC_ERU_OGU_Init(XMC_ERU0, 1, &eru_ogu_config);
      XMC_SCU_HIB_RTCCLKSRC_t currentStdbyClock;
      if (XMC_SCU_HIB_IsHibernateDomainEnabled() == false)
      // this part is added just for testing, enabling low power EXTERNAL oscillator should be sufficient
      currentStdbyClock = XMC_SCU_HIB_GetStdbyClockSource();
      NVIC_SetPriority((IRQn_Type)2, NVIC_EncodePriority(NVIC_GetPriorityGrouping(), 63, 0));
      /* Loop forever */
      while (1)
    The code doesn´t reach interrupt routine and there is not even status flag set which will signify that falling edge is detected. I´ve tried also with rising and both edges and it doesn´t seem to have an impact. When I tried the use some of the buttons with similar code (different board, different input pin, different ERU module and different interrupt service routine) I was successful, which may me lead that maybe the voltage level transition on a RTC_XTAL1 pin are not sufficient to trigger ERU module edge detection. But again, maybe this is working fine but there are some issues with initialization which currently I don´t see. So try it by yourself and see if you see some issues with the code.

    Best regards,
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