Hi and first of all thank you for willing to help out.

For my company, I am doing some research about 24GHz radar technology to detect objects (speed, velocity, motion).
For this, I have purchased the Infineon "Distance2Go" testkit, and the documentation for this can be found here (https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/prod...o-distance2go/)

I have followed the installguide, downloaded the XMC-flasher, the XMC-driver and the RadarGUI.

Then I have flashed the Distance2Go-board with the .hex-file that is also included in the packet so that the radar can do distance detection. Then opened the RadarGUI, connected the Distance2Go-board and it worked.

But, and here is the but, the radar is not accurate at all. It detects objects that are not there, detects objects not accurate and sometimes doesnt detect objects that are there.

This is my configuration with the RadarGUI:
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Does anyone have any experience with this radar Distance2Go-testkit that could help me set up my testenvironment for accurate testing?

Thanks in advance