Hello, can anyone share few ideas about Mini Wiggler V3 and TriCore TC1796? I'm trying to read it via JTAG, using following pads - TDI / TDO / TCK / TMS / VREF / TRST.
I also connect PORST to PIN10 (reset) on miniwiggler. Also on JTAG pads there is BRKIN BRKOUT. I use DAS server - running UDAS server, DAS JDS miniwiggler V3.1 recognized.

I power up my target board, MCU has stable 3.3V . I check with oscilloscope TMS / TDO / TDI - high level, TCK and TRST - low level. Before opening MemTool I check on DAS Basic Client
if it sees my target - green light is blinking which indicates that Mini Wiggler is scanning for active devices, another green light is stable indicating that target device is powered.
Any ideas why my target is not communicating with mini wiggler?

On TC1796 I see HDRST, PORST, TSTRES. I use the one that is on JTAG pad - PORST.