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Thread: MCTROOL V2 with IRMCK099 and Eval-M1-05F310 board problem

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    MCTROOL V2 with IRMCK099 and Eval-M1-05F310 board problem

    I'm using MCRTOOL V2 with IRMCK099 and Eval-M1-05F310 board. I've download the 99series software,and looking for the sample code .
    However there are only IRMCP0199-1-D,IRMCP0199-0-PS,IRMCP0199-1-M1. There is no sample for Eval-M1-05F310 board.
    I've try all of them ,but in vain.I stuck at configuring the motor function.After I push the button, the motor 1 status indicator didn't change to ''motor 1 stop'',and it show DC Low voltage?

    Is there any setting for motor rated voltage ?and how many should the DC power supply output to the board?the motor's rated voltage?
    So where can i get the sample code for Eval-M1-05F310? or one of the three examples can be used for this board ?

    Best regards

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    Beginner Beginner pierre jo is on a distinguished road
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    I am in the same case, is there any news?

    Best Regards

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    I am also at this point, I suppose nobody is supporting the EVAL-M1-05F310?

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    After long datasheets reading and many fail attempts I have launched these two boards combined together.
    Here is what you have to do:

    1. Load project from IRMCS0199-1-M1 folder with MCE Designer.
    2. Program firmware IRMCK099FirmwareV15 to RAM from the same IRMCS0199-1-M1 folder.
    3. Now open TinyWizard software, select IRMCS0199-1-M1 demo board, mark both check box options and start yours own configuration.
    Some configuration will depend on yours motor, these you will have to find out, but some you can use from configuration file I have attached.
    4. Export whole configuration to .txt file and load it to the MCE Designer.
    5. Load configuration to the board by pressing "Configure Motor" button.
    6. Try to start it...

    You can also load config.txt file to the MCEWizard, just rename it


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