As per your application note AN376 infineon using ADF4158 PLL at input and output side. When I am trying to operate PLL as per my requirements MUXOUT pin it self not getting generated correctly.
Below I mentioned my register settings and problems I am facing
Here, ADF4158 PLL is communication via SPI.
R0 0xF8190000
R1 0x00000001
R2 0x09008DB2
R3 0x00000443
R4 0x80780084
R5 0x00019E45
R6 0x00001FFE
R7 0x00000007
SPI_MASTER_Transmit(&SPI_MASTER_1, (uint32_t *)&R7, sizeof(R7));
SPI_MASTER_Transmit(&SPI_MASTER_1, (uint32_t *)&R6, sizeof(R6));
SPI_MASTER_Transmit(&SPI_MASTER_1, (uint32_t *)&R5, sizeof(R5));
SPI_MASTER_Transmit(&SPI_MASTER_1, (uint32_t *)&R4, sizeof(R4));
SPI_MASTER_Transmit(&SPI_MASTER_1, (uint32_t *)&R3, sizeof(R3));
SPI_MASTER_Transmit(&SPI_MASTER_1, (uint32_t *)&R2, sizeof(R2));
SPI_MASTER_Transmit(&SPI_MASTER_1, (uint32_t *)&R1, sizeof(R1));
SPI_MASTER_Transmit(&SPI_MASTER_1, (uint32_t *)&R0, sizeof(R0));

1. I am looking for 30msec Triangular waveform and VCO output: 1.5GHz which is FMCW modulated as an output from the PLL. I am not able to see the Ramp complete event output from
the MUXOUT from above register values.
2. Is there any necessary to keep the register assignments values in while loop? If I am keeping register values in continuous loop I am getting one pulse for each looping.
If I am putting outside while loop nothing available at MUXOUT pin.
3. The MUXOUT pulse voltage levels are also in 100mV range but I am expecting in Volts range from the MUXOUT.
4. What is the necessity of using 2PLL's in the transmit and receive side?

Please help me to solve the above problems

Thanks in advance
Best regards