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Thread: Getting started difficulties with Application Kit TC297 TFT

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    Getting started difficulties with Application Kit TC297 TFT

    while starting and testing AppKit TC297 TFT I have some basic difficulties with programming and building applications.

    I am using following IDEs:
    1. Hightec Free Tricore Tool Chain (v4.9.1.0-infineon-1.1) from
    2. SWFramework_3v1r0_p1 from
    Also offered at myicp is the package "AURIX iLLD Package", but this targeted SWFramework_3v1r0_p1.
    The Firmware "AURIX TC297x TFT Application Kit Firmware" from is based on using SWFramework_3v1r0_p1, too.

    When performing the build process in SWFramework_3v1r0_p1 for firmware "Application_Kit_TC297TFT" without any changes on the project it throws several errors:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SW_Framwork3V1.png
Views:	26
Size:	149.9 KB
ID:	2945

    Description Resource Path Location Type
    make: *** [build] Error 2 Application_Kit_TC297TFT C/C++ Problem
    make[1]: *** [2_Out/Gnuc/0_Src/0_AppSw/Tricore/DemoApp/background_light.o] Error 1 Application_Kit_TC297TFT C/C++ Problem
    make[1]: *** [2_Out/Gnuc/0_Src/0_AppSw/Tricore/DemoApp/Measurement.o] Error 1 Application_Kit_TC297TFT C/C++ Problem
    make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... Application_Kit_TC297TFT C/C++ Problem
    make[1]: *** [2_Out/Gnuc/0_Src/0_AppSw/Tricore/DemoApp/Perf_Meas.o] Error 1 Application_Kit_TC297TFT C/C++ Problem

    More information is not available. Double clicks on errors for jumping to related errors does not work.
    So it seems there is no Gnuc built firmware available. Checking meanwhile Eclipse CDT beginners manual.

    As I'm a rookie on Eclipse developing C/C++ I do not know currently where to check my installation for correct setup of Gnuc. I guess it is the GNU-C compiler.

    Tasking and Dcc does contain compiled .elf and related files. But how to flash to AppKit?

    With free tricore toolchain from Hightec I had succeeded in flashing and running LCD_Demo for AppKitTC297TFT by using UDAS.

    Best regards
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    After following the added manual of SWFramework_3v1r0_p1 I have solved the issue of make.

    Now it seems that eclipse and the compiler have got difficulties with "#include <string.h>" as eclipse does warn "Unresolved inclusion: <string.h>"

    After adding the lib path of toolchain in eclipse according second answer via Properties->C/C++ General ->Path and symbols at it was built with 10 warnings.

    But the remaining issue is: How to upload files?
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    Beginner Beginner Musiol is on a distinguished road
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    Hi DrGalle,

    the Free TriCore™ Entry Tool Chain also contains a limited version of the PLS UDE. See attachment.

    BR Martin

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