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Thread: what the best way to calculate Rg gate driver for Mosfet

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    what the best way to calculate Rg gate driver for Mosfet

    I need to drive a MOSFET IPW90R120C3(datasheet:http://www.kynix.com/uploadfiles/pdf...PW90R120C3.pdf ) from Infineon here the Specification of MOSFET

    VDS @ TJ=25C 900 V
    Rdson @ TJ=25C : 0.12ohm
    Qg = 270nC
    Specification of driver IR2110

    Isource: 2A
    Isink : 2A
    VOUT 10 - 20V
    ton/off (typ.) 120 & 94 ns
    Driver supply : 15V
    The switch frequency Fsw= 50KH

    what the best way to calculate the resistance Rg to drive proprely the MOSFET ? best regards
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    Huixian Jiang
    1. According to the Driver Supply 15V, and the sink/source current 2A, the minimum gate resistor is 15/2=7.5 Ohm
    2. For sepicified calculation, you could refer to the following application note for selecting the gate resistor: https://www.infineon.com/dgdl/Infine...523ee694b74f18
    3. Infineon Designer is an online Simulation tool, where you could quickly simulate your circuit, you could see the H-Bridge of IR2110 Simulation through this link (although this is not half-Bridge, you could see the behavior of this driver): https://design.infineon.com/tinademo...HB_OptiMOS.tsc
    Please watch the Video in the attached if you are interested in how to change the parts in the circuit and simulate it using Infineon Designer.


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