Hi all,

Grab the new version of uC/Probe at http://www.infineon.com/ucprobexmc.

C/Probe XMC 4.1: a minor release with a brand new ELF parser and Symbol Browser.

The release of C/Probe XMC Version 4.1, brings a new ELF parser capable of parsing larger ELF files and C++ class members. The new ELF parser is tied to a redesigned Symbol Browser that allows you to associate virtual controls and indicators to embedded target symbols that in previous versions of C/Probe XMC were not available:

Bit Fields (supported by all controls)
Full Array (only supported by the Tree Control and the Spreadsheet Control)
Element of an Array (supported by all controls)
Full Structure (only supported by the Tree Control and the Spreadsheet Control)
Member of a Structure (supported by all controls)
Mix of all of the above
Pointers to all of the above
C++ Class Members (supported by all controls)

Furthermore, with the new release of C/Probe XMC 4.1, Micrim continues the expansion of its extensive partner ecosystem through the integration of two new communication interfaces:

ARM Keil Vision

The new communication interfaces bring C/Probe XMC to all those embedded targets supported by the aforementioned IDEs. The best part is that these new communication interfaces do not require any special target resident code and they work without the intervention of the embedded target's CPU.

Other improvements in this software update include:

New Memory Window Control

Added linear and logarithmic scales to some of the controls (i.e. gauges and charts)

Oscilloscope Control Improvements:
Export the captured traces as a CSV file
Export the captured traces as a PNG file
Autofit traces to view
Delta Time measurement
Delta Amplitude measurement
Average measurement (within cursors ∆T)
RMS measurement (within cursors ∆T)
Min/Max measurement

The C/Probe XMC 4.1 software update is fully compatible with older workspaces.