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    Q1: How to find the documentation for the control kit EVAL-M1-099M?
    A1: Please install the software package "99 Series Installer" and the patch kit "99 Series V2.1 Patch Kit". All documents are included in the install directory "C:\Program Files\iMotion" and in "C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\iMotion".
    Download link for "99 Series Installer":
    Download link for "99 Series V2.1 Patch Kit":

    Q2: I used the control kit EVAL-M1-099M, but it cannot be found in the TinyWizard, which reference design should I select in TinyWizard?
    A2: Please select IRMCP099-1-D as the reference design for EVAL-M1-099M.

    Q3: I installed XMC™ Flasher but I cannot connect the board?
    A3: Please make sure that you are using the control board EVAL-M1-1302 based on XMC1302 µC. Addtionally you have to install the latest Segger J-Link and follow the "iMOTION™ MADK Sensorless FOC with XMC™ Getting Started Guide".
    Download link for the latest Segger J-Link:
    Download link for "iMOTION™ MADK Sensorless FOC with XMC™ Getting Started Guide":

    Q4: I have EVAL-M1-099M and installed XMC™ Flasher, but I cannot connect the board with XMC™ Flasher. Why?
    A4: Please do not mix up the software for the control kit EVAL-M1-099M based on IRMCK099M and for the control board EVAL-M1-1302 based on XMC1302.
    For EVAL-M1-099M you will need: "99 Series Installer", "99 Series V2.1 Patch Kit", download links see above.
    For EVAL-M1-1302 you will need: The Software Package "Eval-M1-1302_xx-xxX", XMC™ Flasher, µC/Probe™ XMC™, additionally DAVE™ for code extension, but not necessary for kit evaluation purpose.

    Download links for Software packages:
    - For the kit Eval-M1-1302_36-84A: Software Package Eval-M1-1302_36-84A (
    - For the kit Eval-M1-1302_36-45A: Software Package Eval-M1-1302_36-45A (
    - For the kit Eval-M1-1302_05-84D: Software Package Eval-M1-1302_05-84D (
    - For the kit Eval-M1-1302_05-65D: Software Package Eval-M1-1302_05-65D (

    Download link for XMC™ Flasher:
    Download link for µC/Probe™ XMC™:
    Download link for DAVE™:

    For more information please visit iMOTION™ MADK family page:

    Infineon iMOTION™ MADK support team
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