Hello Everybody,

We have an XC866-Controller (SAL-XC866L-4FRA 3V to be precise) in our system as a safety controller. To flash this device our plan is to use the MiniWiggler3 which is connected to our board via JTAG.

So far so good, however, I did not manage to connect the MiniWiggler to the XC866 device. I tried it in two ways:
- Using Memtool 4.7.2
- Using FLOAD 5.4

Unfortunately none of my tries was successful and so I hope you can give me some support.

When I installed the Memtool, also the UDAS-tooling was installed and I tried out the DAS tools coming with it.
Using the DAS Server Control and the DAS Device Scanner, I managed to detect a Controller of "XC800 Family" and the device ID 0x10100083 was read out. --> Obviously, the JTAG connection to the controller can be established somehow and works fine.

In FLOAD I was able to select the XC866L-4 controller type and select the access port to be UDAS. So this looked promising, but when clicking the "connect" button, I only received some odd error message stating that no connection could be established. I did not find any logfile with further details.

In Memtool it was even worse: I used the "new target" wizard to create a new configuration. There I could select the XC866-4 device (without the "L"). However, when clicking on setup, the only interface offered by Memtool is some serial COM port and no JTAG connection. --> No chance to connect.

So my questions:
- Is the programming of the SAL-XC866L-4FRA 3V via MiniWiggler/JTAG supported by IFX at all?
- Are there other tools available to flash this particular device?
- Is there a PDF-documentation on Memtool available?
- Is it possible to extend the device list offerd by Memtool with custom config files? Where are those predefined configs stored?
- Is there anybody in IFX who would be available for some interactive session to guide us through the procedure of firstly flashing our devices?

As you can see, we are pretty stuck for the moment, so any help is very much appreciated.