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Thread: Spektrum Satteliten Auslesen

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    New Member New Member Widnio is on a distinguished road
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    Jul 2016

    Spektrum Satteliten Auslesen


    der Code von Infineon der den Satelliten ausliest ist sehr Statisch ...

    ich habe die Funktion RemoteControl_RX_ISR im Ordner "_Quad .../RCReceive" etwas adaptiert:
    void RemoteControl_RX_ISR(){
    int throttleRaw;
    int rudderRaw;
    int elevatorRaw;
    int aileronRaw;
    int AUX1Raw;
    int AUX2Raw;
    int start = 0; //Index of start byte (contains 0x30)
    int i = 0; //Index of start byte (contains 0x30)
    int j; // For index
    uint8_t ReadBufRC[32]; //Readbuffer
    uint8_t channels[32];
    int values[6];
    uint8_t WriteBufRC[32];

    for(j = 0; j < 32; j++){
    channels[j] = 254;

    //Read data from UART buffer
    UART_ReadDataBytes(&RemoteControl_Handle, ReadBufRC, 32);

    //Search for start byte
    while (ReadBufRC[start] != 0x00 && ReadBufRC[start + 1] != 0xa2) //0x12 oder 0xa2 oder 0xb2 je nach verwendeter Funke!
    if (start > 16)
    //Communication check bytes not in buffer

    //search for channel ID
    i = start + 2;
    while(i < 32){
    if(ReadBufRC[i] != 0x00 && ReadBufRC[i] != 0xa2){ //0x12 oder 0xa2 oder 0xb2 je nach verwendeter Funke!
    channels[i] = ((ReadBufRC[i] & 0x78) >> 3);
    i = i + 2;

    //write RAW values to Array
    for(j = 0; j < 32; j++){
    if (channels[j] != 254){
    values[channels[j]] = mergeBytes(ReadBufRC[j], ReadBufRC[j + 1]) & 0x07FF;

    //remap raw values to control values */
    PWMDuty = (uint32_t) map(values[0], 340, 1955, 0, 10000);

    PWM_CCU4_SetDutyCycle(&LED_PWM, PWMDuty);

    g_joystick_values.throttle = map(values[0], 0, 2048, 903, 2097);
    g_joystick_values.aileron = map(values[1], 0, 2048, 903, 2097);
    g_joystick_values.elevator = map(values[2], 0, 2048, 903, 2097);
    g_joystick_values.rudder = map(values[3], 0, 2048, 903, 2097);
    g_joystick_values.AUX1 = map(values[4], 0, 2048, 903, 2097);
    g_joystick_values.AUX2 = map(values[5], 0, 2048, 903, 2097);
    //Set values for RC Timeout check
    RCTimeOut = 0;
    connected = 1;
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    Beginner Beginner PhilippGuehring is on a distinguished road
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    May 2016
    Kannst du das auf GitHub als Pull-Request einreichen?

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