Hi people,

I have a problem with the voltage protection on my new DJI F450 with the naza light. I used the following settings for the voltage protection:

First level: no load 10.5v, loss 0.2v
Second level: 9.7v, loss 0.2v

The first level seems to work fine, though about 30 seconds after the leds start blinking red, the quad starts descending and lands. Even full throttle doesn't prevent it from descending. Inspecting the voltage afterwards shows a voltage somewhere around 10.3. Happens every time. Calibration of the battery seems to be fine in the naza-m software.

Anyone else who had this problem? What reason could there be for this second level to be triggered way too soon? I feel like I don't have enough time to land the quad safely after the warning triggers.

Hope somebody can give me some advice!