I'm shocked and very upset that Infineon has announced EOL for all its discrete small signal parts!

If it where so, that there would be other companies producing 1:1 replaceable parts, there would be only the problems finding them and do requalification for products where our customers require that for quality paper works.
But for many parts there is no 1:1 replacement!
So we will have to do redesigns for many of our products!
We are left alone by Infineon, with a huge unplanned investment ahead!

How can a company, known for it's reliability, ruin its good reputation with such a total EOL of a complete product range?

Other companies have founded daughters in that case, that take the whole product range for the future!
Why not Infineon?!

If it would care Infineon any how, I would be tempted to tell them,"I will not buy your other parts, if you let us down so hard"!