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Thread: SDCC 3.6.0 released

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    New Member New Member spth will become famous soon enough
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    Jun 2016
    Yach and Dublin

    SDCC 3.6.0 released

    A few weeks ago, SDCC 3.6.0 was released. SDCC is a free C implementation targeting various 8-bit architectures. In particular, it targets architectures that would be hard to target for GCC or LLVM: Few registers, highly irregular register and instruction sets, etc. The architectures supported include 8051. While most other compilers targeting the 8051 only aim for the 1989 ANSI C standard, SDCC aims for support of the newer 1999 and 2011 ISO C standards.

    Here is the release announcement:

    Today a new release of SDCC was made. We are now at version 3.6.0.
    You can get it at:

    So what's new?
    * Merged upstream binutils 2.25
    * New memory management with lower overhead
    * Changed default language dialect to --std-sdcc11
    * Diagnostic for missing type specifier: No implicit int outside of C90
    mode anymore
    * C11 generic selections
    * char type is now unsigned by default (old behaviour can be restored
    using --fsigned-char)
    * Character constants are now of type int instead of char.
    * ISO C95 and ISO C11 wide character constants
    * ISO C95 and ISO C11 wide string literals
    * Basic standard library support for wide characters: c16rtomb(),
    mbrtoc16(), mbsinit(), mbtowc(), mbrlen(), mbrtoc32, c32rtomb(),
    mbrtowc(), wcrtomb(), mblen(), wctomb()
    * Treat all ports the same in the manual (i.e. mcs51-specific stuff is now
    clearly described as such)
    * Reorganized interrupt handling for z80, z180, r2k, r3ka, tlcs90, gbz80
    * Workaround for stm8 division hardware bug
    * ELF/DWARF support for stm8
    * Output symbol table for ELF
    * pic16 port now uses standard-compliant crt0iz that initializes static
    and globals to 0 by default

    And of course numerous feature requests and bug fixes are included as well.

    Once again I hope you will enjoy using this new release.

    Maarten Brock
    SDCC 3.6.0 Release Manager
    Upstream SDCC still lacks the XC800-specific aspects of the fork in DAvE-Bench. However, the fork in DAvE-Bench is based on SDCC 2.9.0, so it lacks 7 years of improvments in upstream SDCC.


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    New Member New Member kamikaze will become famous soon enough kamikaze's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    I've been using SDCC for the XC878 for a long time.

    I run it with the following Parameters:`sdcc -mmcs51 --xram-loc 0xF000 --xram-size 3072`

    The important part is to add some custom startup code, e.g.:

    This function takes the frequency of your external oscillator and sets the PLL up to run the core at 24MHz:
    [ - XC878 libraries (GitHub) - XC878 ECU project stub (GitHub) - High Speed Karlsruhe ]
    - - - -
    Primary platform: XC878CM-16FFA
    Custom library: ~10k lines of code, ~300 pages of documentation

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