Today, we have released the first motor control examples package reflecting the new approach to develop and deliver better motor control support software for XMC controllers.

This first package is a BLDC example for DAVE v4, with 3 hall inputs running on the XMC1000 motor control kit.

The BLDC software included in the example allows configuration to different motors, power boards and XMC1300 HW usage. A respective comprehensive document in CHM format is included in the project.

An introduction is summarized in this PDF

The BLDC example is published on the Infineon web.
1. In the SW tab of the XMC1000 Motor Control kit, select - "DAVE™ Example Project 3 Hall Sensor based BLDC Motor Control Example for XMC1300 Series"
2. In the DAVE Example repository (download from DAVE and from a created web page -use keyword BLDC)