I understand that the standard ESD 20.20 is revised from ver.2007 to ver.2014.

As part of the change I identified that the Process required insulators/isolator conductor and few EPA controlled items have been newly added into the verion.2014.

I have the below query for which I need your clarifications.

Query 1:
I wanted to know which all (for example., paper, pen, screw driver etc.) are categorized under Process required insulators and Isolator conductor.
Can you please help me on the above categorization.

Query 2:
There are precautionary measure defined to prevent the charge being generated from the Process required insulators from affecting the ESD.
But I would like to know if I have to measure Electric field for each Process required insulators ,every time I perform ESD testing.
For example if I am using paper and measuring the electric field and in the next step if I use screw driver do I have to again measure the electric field.
Similarly do I have to keep measuring for all the items every time.

Query 3:
Could you please share an documents or explain about the isolator conductors in detail.