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Thread: FAQ for XMC4800 EtherCAT

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    The CPU only take care in the processing of the Slave Stack Code which is necessary in most EtherCAT system. There is no extra CPU in the EtherCAT module.

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    Hello, I have some questions about EtherCAT and synchronous mode.
    So I followed the tutorial of the ECAT Apps to set up cyclic EtherCAT communication.

    I had a look in MainLoop().
    Apparently it is not running in free run mode because bEscIntEnabled and bEcatFirstOutputsReceived are true, so the If condition are not respected.
    It should be running in Synchron mode.

    But where is the ISR ?

    According to the comment on ecatappl.c, "if the application is running in ECAT Synchron Mode the function ECAT_Application is called from the ESC interrupt routine (in mcihw.c or spihw.c)".
    But I don't have mcihw.c or spihw.c file.
    So where the ESC interrupt routine is called ?
    And where the ESC interrupt routine is written ?
    And also something strange, I put a 10 seconds delay on the while(1U) :
    MainLoop(); // EtherCAT Loop, generated automatically


    And with it the EtherCAT communication is not working.
    And it should if the Synchron mode is set isn't it ?

    You can find a copy of my project.

    Any ideas ?

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    Allude to the main answer to string which is being redesigned per the questions on the string.

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    Hi Nicolas,
    please get the latest examples (ETHCAT_SSC_XMC48 and ETHCAT_SSC_XMC43) also distributed within DAVE4 and which is using distributed clocks.
    The connection of SSC to ISR you will find implemented inside main.c - also mentioned inside the documentation of the examples.

    The views expressed here are my personal opinions, have not been reviewed or authorized by Infineon and do not necessarily represent the views of Infineon.

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    I downloaded, configured and ran your example.
    I saw the ISR connected to sync0 and sync1.

    However, the ISR in Sync0 and Sync1 are never called and the application is running is freerun.
    When in Twincat 3 I set up DC-mode using Sync0, the slave goes to safeop, so something wrong, isn't it ?

    With my project, I know the application in running in synchron mode because bEscIntEnabled and bEcatFirstOutputsReceived are true.
    But where APPL_Application is called() ? How it goes with the SyncManager SM2/3 ?
    I didn't find out.
    I hope you have some answers.


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    XMC4800 Relax build/debug issues

    Last week I've received my XMC4800 Relax eval board from DigiKey. I also downloaded and installed DAVE 4.2.6.

    When I build the ETHCAT_SSC_XMC48 example project I encountered compilation errors due to missing SSC header files:

    'Building file: ../Dave/Generated/ECAT_SSC/ecat_ssc.c'
    In file included from ../Dave/Generated/ECAT_SSC/ecat_ssc.c:52:0:
    ../Dave/Generated/ECAT_SSC/ecat_ssc.h:58:35: fatal error: SSC/Src/applInterface.h: No such file or directory

    I understand from the ETHCAT_SSC_XMC48 documentation that I must independently contact the ETG (EtherCAT Technical Group) to obtain the missing SSC source files.

    A week has passed since I have contacted ETG. My company is still awaiting membership approval to download the required SSC files. This is an unexpected and disappointing initial user experience. To continue progress on learning the XMC4800 eval board, I have tried to build and debug the XMC4700/XMC4800 blinking LED demo based on XMC Lib.

    The Blinky project builds with any errors. However, when I attempt to run the project within DAVE I receive the following error:

    'Launching XMC4700_Blinky.elf' has encountered a problem.Error in final launch sequence.
    Failed to execute MI command:
    -exec -run
    Error message from debugger back end:
    Don't know how to run. Try 'help target"

    Any help in obtaining the missing SSC files will be greatly appreciated. It is suprising and disappointing these files are not provided with either DAVE or the example ETHCAT_SSC project.

    Any help in running the XMC4700_Blinky simple sample program will be also greatly appreciated.

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    Hello northcove,
    didi you use the SSC tools software given by ETG to generate those files ?
    You need to inscribe your company to ETG to be able to download SSC tools.

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    The example code XMC4800_Relax_EtherCat_Slave_SSC will run out on the MDK platform

    Because I'm used to using the MDK tools when I program some ARM microcontrollers,I copy the example code of official website provide to the latest MDK version(Keil V5.21).
    I build the example project and make some changes for the MDK platform(e.g. change #include "malloc.h" into #include "stdlib.h").I finally get 0 erros and 0 warnings.
    And then I downloaded the program to the XMC4800 relax kit.However,I found some problems.

    The program will run out when I change the state machine of EtherCAT master by TwinCAT2.0.It almost occurred from INIT to PRE-OP.But the phenomenon is not happening every time when
    I change the state machine.This is so strange.The same example code that is builded by DAVE is currect,and has no such phenomenon.

    So I would like to ask you if you have tried to compile this code with MDK,and have you had this problem.

    Thank you, looking forward to your reply.

    Example code :XMC4800_Relax_EtherCat_Slave_SSC
    Hardware: XMC4800_Relax_Kit and XMC_EtherCAT_Phy_Board-V1
    ECAT master: TwinCAT2.0 in PC

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    Question: is there any instructions/tutorials how to generate code for CiA402 application (motor drive profile)?

    I could not generate such app with SSC tool. After I create new SSC project with Infineon template (and subsequently create project from xlsx file), then SSC Application ->CiA402_DEVICE becomes read only with value 0. Any ideas how to proceed? I assume I would need xlsx file for CiA402 profile but I couldn't find any from the Internet.

    Any hints would be greatly appreciated, a R&D project is is stuck with this issue. Thanks!

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    Hi Guys,

    I have some general Questions about the XMC4800.

    Generally I want to regulate the frequency of a fan with a frequency converter.
    >>The xmc4800 should directly communicate with the frequency converter via ethercat.
    >>The xmc4800 should do all the math for the controlling.
    >>The xmc4800 gets his control paramteres by an digital air flow sensor (at the moment not sure which communication protocol maybe i2c).
    >>The xmc4800 shows me all his actual values on a central computer and from this i can change the control parameters.
    For example regulation on 4 m/s and i want to change it to 8 m/s. And just have to type it into an web window (or an other interface).
    >>The xmc4800 saves the measurements to a sd-card with timestamp.

    Thank you

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