This is a wireless charging project with XMC1300 done by an undergraduate student from NUS, Jiang Zheng, for his final year project.

The wireless charging prototype uses resonance inductive coupling for wireless power transfer. The components are specified based on Qi Wireless Charging standard, which is popular in mobile phone application.

The project consists of a transmitter and receiver boards, where the transmitter draw power from adjustable DC power supply and convert it to AC voltage for power transmission at the transmitter coil. The receiver, which consists of DC rectifier and buck converter, rectifies the AC voltage from transmitter and regulates it to a constant output voltage. Both transmitter and receiver are controlled using XMC1300 from Infineon.
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The following demo shows the prototype of the wireless charging system using a small LED as a load. The LED will light up when there is a power transfer from transmitter to receiver.

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