I am trying to implement the basic ping response example from the ETH_LWIP App with a XMC4800-F144x2048. Therefor, I try to implement the example (from the App Help --> Usage) with the ETH_LWIP App Version 4.1.18. I configured the IO pins for PHY interface linke the manual says.
When I debug the code, after I initiallized the ETH_LWIP App with the sys_check_timeouts() function an connected the COM_ETH to my computer using LAN cable, my computer can not find the IP-Adress by pinging the XMC. The Lan-Adapter is configured with a static IP. Why cant I reach my XMC?
Furthermore I have tried to implement the IOT_EXAMPLE_XMC47 (which actually is for the XMC4700-F144x2048). By generating and debugging this example, my computer can find the IP-adress of the XMC by pinging. ´
I have recognised, that there is a different version of the ETH_LWIP App used by this example project (Version 4.0.10). But I can not include this app version in my own project, which is designed for the XMC4800-F144x2048.

Does anybody know how I can fix this problem.

Thanks for your help