I have successfully created a new project on my XMC4800 based on a similar project for my XMC4500.
I previously created a bootloader that writes my main application to flash memory by transferring the binary file, using 1K Xmodem protocol via UART, to the XMC4500.

I am "simply" trying to port this existing bootloader project to my new XMC4800 processor.
I first thought it would be as simple as remapping memory locations, but as this didn't seem to work, I have tried all sorts. Now I need your help.

My working, existing program makes use of the ABM0 functionality. The program is in line with the Reference Manuals...
• Program flash with application and ABM header
• Drive TCK and TMS to launch Normal boot mode
• Configure STCON.SWCON per Table 27-2
• Clear Reset Source in SCU.RSTSTAT using the register RSTCLR.RSCLR
• Issue a system reset

I have played around with storing the ABM header in a fixed address, the last 32 bytes of the first 64 KB physical sector. I have stored the header in the last 32 bytes of the next 64 KB physical sector. I have stored the header in all types of place.

I have used my debugging tool to ensure the application is written to my desired start address. I could also see that my ABM0 header was being correctly written.
To inform that the transfer has been successfully completed, I display the CRC32 and the application length stored in the ABM0 header memory address.

As mentioned, the bootloader works on my XMC4500, however, when trying to recreate the bootloader for the XMC4800, something has gone wrong.
A difference between the 2 processors is the size of the flash memory, though, as my application is only 3kb, I did not think this to be relevant, based on the similarities on the Reference Manuals, and used the same starting addresses.

I am not really getting anywhere and I am unsure of where I have gone wrong, any thoughts of where or what I've missed/done wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.