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Thread: PWM not working

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    PWM not working

    I recently implemented PWMhl module on my device (Tc222L) . Pwm init without any failures, but it does not works at all. It means it works, but completely different as I configure it.
    First issue is that, setting 1000Hz base timer frequency results Is 100Hz output pwm signal ( for clock divider 16 -IfxGtm_Tom_Ch_ClkSrc_cmuFxc0) .
    Or frequency is changing between 700 – 1300Hz(for clock divider 1 -IfxGtm_Tom_Ch_ClkSrc_cmuFxclk0 )
    Moreover PWM level cannot be changed. Setting pwm value do not change anything, pwm always stays on 10% duty.
    What can pe possible fixes ?

    my code:
    #include "Gtm/Tom/PwmHl/IfxGtm_Tom_PwmHl.h"
    static IfxGtm_Tom_PwmHl pwm_1;
    static IfxGtm_Tom_Timer pwm_tom_1_timer;
    static void init_pwm(void){
       IfxGtm_Tom_Timer_Config timer_config;
       IfxGtm_Tom_PwmHl_Config pwm_config;
       IfxGtm_Tom_Timer_initConfig(&timer_config, &MODULE_GTM);
       timer_config.base.frequency                  = 1000;
       timer_config.base.minResolution              = (1.0 / timer_config.base.frequency) / 1000;
       timer_config.tom                             = IfxGtm_Tom_1;
       timer_config.timerChannel                    = IfxGtm_Tom_Ch_6;
       timer_config.clock                           = IfxGtm_Tom_Ch_ClkSrc_cmuFxc0;
       timer_config.triggerOut                      = &IfxGtm_TOM1_6_TOUT5_P02_5_OUT;
       timer_config.base.trigger.outputEnabled      = TRUE;
       timer_config.base.trigger.enabled            = TRUE;
       timer_config.base.trigger.triggerPoint       = 500;
       timer_config.base.trigger.risingEdgeAtPeriod = TRUE;
       IfxGtm_Tom_Timer_init(&pwm_tom_1_timer, &timer_config);
       IfxGtm_Tom_ToutMapP ccx[1]   = {&IfxGtm_TOM1_6_TOUT5_P02_5_OUT};
       IfxGtm_Tom_ToutMapP coutx[1] = {&IfxGtm_TOM1_6_TOUT5_P02_5_OUT};
       pwm_config.timer                 = &pwm_tom_1_timer;
       pwm_config.tom                   = IfxGtm_Tom_1;
       pwm_config.base.deadtime         = 2e-6;
       pwm_config.base.minPulse         = 1e-6;
       pwm_config.base.channelCount     = 1;
       pwm_config.base.emergencyEnabled = FALSE;
       pwm_config.base.outputMode       = IfxPort_OutputMode_pushPull;
       pwm_config.base.outputDriver     = IfxPort_PadDriver_cmosAutomotiveSpeed4;
       pwm_config.base.ccxActiveState   = Ifx_ActiveState_low;
       pwm_config.base.coutxActiveState = Ifx_ActiveState_low;
       pwm_config.ccx                   = ccx;
       pwm_config.coutx                 = coutx;
       //pins were initialized earlier
       pwm_config.initPins              = FALSE;
       IfxGtm_Tom_PwmHl_init(&pwm_1, &pwm_config);
    void set_pwm( uint8 pwm_percent_value){
    	IfxGtm_Tom_PwmHl *pwm_hi = &pwm_1;
        IfxGtm_Tom_Timer *timer = &pwm_tom_1_timer;
    	Ifx_TimerValue period = IfxGtm_Tom_Timer_getPeriod(timer);
        Ifx_TimerValue pwm_value = (uint32)((float32)period *((float32)pwm_percent_value)/ 100.0);
        IfxGtm_Tom_PwmHl_setOnTime(pwm_hi, &pwm_value);
    Last edited by Lukas_G; Oct 29th, 2020 at 08:38 AM.

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