In our project, we are using TLE9877 integrated to our ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to spin BLDC motor.
To flash our ECU, we are using Jlink probe (SWD mode) from segger. We have created a new keil project for TLE9877, configuration of peripherals is done using Config wizard.

Below the description of the issue:
When we flash the ECU and the JLINK probe is still connect, App is working.(current 3mA)
When we flash the ECU and disconnect the JLINK probe ,App is working.(current 3mA)

When we disconnect the JLINK probe and APP is working . Then we switch off the power supply and switch on again the App not working.(hard reset by shutting down power supply) (current 2mA)
This issue not observed on TLE9879 eval kit
Could you please help support us to identify the problem as we have demo to customer.

APP working status checked by LIN log.