Hello everone,

We are implementing IEEE 1588 time sync on XMC4700 relax kit, we base on the DAVE example source code named "HTTP_SERVER_RTOS_XMC47". Our main function is as in the embedded code (print out timestamp of transmitted frame).

However, we always have same output, like "frame transmitted at 0 second, 4 nanosecond", this output only varies when I remove "malloc".

Inside the XMC_ETH_MAC_InitPTP function, I realized that the below assignment, the value of eth_mac->regs->TIMESTAMP_CONTROL always keeps 0, no mater what value I gave to the variable "config".


So my questions:

- Would any of you have solution?

- Is it possible/better to develop 1588 application without using library (like without using XMC_ETH_MAC_InitPTP from /HTTP_SERVER_RTOS_XMC47/Libraries/XMCLib/inc/xmc_eth_mac.h)? I mean we read/write register by ourself by refering the document "Reference Manual of XMC4700/XMC4800 Microcontroller" (the pdf with ~2893 pages)?

Thanks so much in advance for your help!


////////////////////////////we define///////////////////////////
#define MAC_ADDR0   0x8C
#define MAC_ADDR1   0x04
#define MAC_ADDR2   0xBA
#define MAC_ADDR3   0x17
#define MAC_ADDR4   0x8A
#define MAC_ADDR5   0x4A
#define MAC_ADDR    ((uint64_t)MAC_ADDR0 | \
                     ((uint64_t)MAC_ADDR1 << 8) | \
                     ((uint64_t)MAC_ADDR2 << 16) | \
                     ((uint64_t)MAC_ADDR3 << 24) | \
                     ((uint64_t)MAC_ADDR4 << 32) | \
                     ((uint64_t)MAC_ADDR5 << 40))

#define XMC_ETH_MAC_NUM_RX_BUF (4)
#define XMC_ETH_MAC_NUM_TX_BUF (4)

static __attribute__((aligned(4))) XMC_ETH_MAC_DMA_DESC_t rx_desc[XMC_ETH_MAC_NUM_RX_BUF] __attribute__((section ("ETH_RAM")));
static __attribute__((aligned(4))) XMC_ETH_MAC_DMA_DESC_t tx_desc[XMC_ETH_MAC_NUM_TX_BUF] __attribute__((section ("ETH_RAM")));
static __attribute__((aligned(4))) uint8_t rx_buf[XMC_ETH_MAC_NUM_RX_BUF][XMC_ETH_MAC_BUF_SIZE] __attribute__((section ("ETH_RAM")));
static __attribute__((aligned(4))) uint8_t tx_buf[XMC_ETH_MAC_NUM_TX_BUF][XMC_ETH_MAC_BUF_SIZE] __attribute__((section ("ETH_RAM")));
////////////////////////////we define///////////////////////////

int main(void)
	DAVE_STATUS_t status;
	status = DAVE_Init();           
	if(status != DAVE_STATUS_SUCCESS)
		XMC_DEBUG("DAVE APPs initialization failed\n");
	osThreadCreate (osThread(main_thread), NULL);

    ////////////////////////// our 1588 code ////////////////////////////
    XMC_ETH_MAC_TIME_t *txTime;
    char data[10];
    uint32_t config = (uint32_t)ETH_TIMESTAMP_CONTROL_TSENALL_Msk;

    memset(data, '\0', 10);
    snprintf(data, 10, "%s", "mydata");
    txTime = (XMC_ETH_MAC_TIME_t*)malloc(sizeof(XMC_ETH_MAC_TIME_t));
    XMC_ETH_MAC_t ethMac =
      .regs = ETH0,
      .address = MAC_ADDR,
      .rx_desc = rx_desc,
      .tx_desc = tx_desc,
      .rx_buf = &rx_buf[0][0],
      .tx_buf = &tx_buf[0][0],
      .num_rx_buf = XMC_ETH_MAC_NUM_RX_BUF,
      .num_tx_buf = XMC_ETH_MAC_NUM_TX_BUF

    XMC_ETH_MAC_InitPTP(&ethMac, config);
    lwip_send(0, data, sizeof(data), 1);
    XMC_ETH_MAC_GetTxTimeStamp(&ethMac, txTime);
    printf("transmitted at %"PRIu32" second, %"PRIu32" nanosecond \n", txTime->seconds, txTime->nanoseconds);
    ////////////////////////// our 1588 code ////////////////////////////