Iím experimenting with the DB295, which contains IRPS5401 and TDA21240. Iíve created the board design that I want in IR PowIRCenter build 7143. I eventually found how to save the programming config file. But Iíve not found a way to actually program the device using USB005.

If I ďAuto Populate DevicesĒ the I2C works and I can view and adjust the supply parameters. The messages say donít program the board with the supplies regulating so I guess I have to disable all the supplies using their enable switches. Whether I do or donít disable, as soon as I load my design PowIRCenter shows "no I2C".

If I donít load my design, so the I2C is running, if I try to use the RockyR2 Device Programmer from the utilities tab, I donít get the option to select my programming file and I guess it just programs another copy of the configuration already in the device.

If I use the Multi Device Programmer from the Icons, I can load my programming file. However, either with all the supplies disabled or enabled, ďCheck MTP LeftĒ works but ďProgram and verifyĒ fails (error : Device 1 User section programming failed). I check the user box but not the MFR/CNFG box Ė Iím not sure what the MFR/CNFG box is for but there are limited writes available.

Iím pretty sure I donít need an active licence though Iím struggling to locate that again in the documentation. Can anyone give a clue what Iím doing wrong?