Hi all,

Did you know that you can get the motor running in less than 1 hour? Explore this yourself with the new initiative “Enable MADK evaluation via Cloud” from Infineon together with its partner TenXer.

MADK is a modular and flexible development platform by Infineon, aims to speed up design engineer evaluation by providing a range of control and power board options for motor drive applications up to 1 kW.

You can now evaluate the performance of the motor with just a few clicks away virtually without having to wait for the board to arrive. Our virtual lab with real-time hardware feedback allows you to debug remotely. Chat with friendly virtual assistance to answer your technical questions.

iMOTION2.0 based "Evaluation Module (EVM) on Cloud" platform is available 24*7 for evaluation for key features of iMOTION 2.0 Motor control with live steaming video. Evaluation Module (EVM) on Cloud is the concept of virtual lab where the IMC101+IM231 based on MADK boards are on cloud and with following link, anybody can register with their corporate or company email id and evaluate the platform.

Act now, click below to get started


* Use Goog crome
* Click onto "Free signup" on the login page
* Enter the details and click onto "SIGNUP NOW"
* Confirmation email from "info" would reach the mailbox. Please check the spam /junk folder as well. If the emaild given is wrong, then the confirmation mail delivery will fail.
* Click on the link provided by the mail , to complete the registration.
* Login with the new credentials
* On the landing page, in table of EVMs, the imotion2 entry will be available with a playbutton.
* Once play button is clicked, the app page of imotion2 is displayed. There is a quick guide , if required.
* Once users are connected to the board, there is a timeout that will occur if there is no activity. for 5 minutes.
* Incase of timeout, the users can refresh the page and connect again.
* Please take at the help guides and you-tube videos and start Evaluating
* Happy Evaluation