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Thread: IMC301A usart connection problem

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    Beginner Beginner nuhdede is on a distinguished road
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    Apr 2020
    problem not solved...

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    Infineon Employee
    Infineon Employee
    Casey is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2019
    Quote Originally Posted by nuhdede View Post
    problem not solved...
    I have created more detailed instructions to program an IC while in SBSL mode. These instructions are for a motor drive set-up with evaluation board Eval-M1-101T but you should be able to repeat with your own set-up.

    Programming Eval-M1-101T when IC is in SBSL mode (COMx Down):
    1. Open MCEDesigner v2.3
    2. Select file> open latest version of MCEDesigner configuration file (.IRC) available within IMC101T-T038 Firmware package. Link to download:!tools
    3. Communication error will appear: “MCEDesigner cannot connect to target device using Port COMx”
      a. If you know this is the correct communication port, select cancel to ignore error
      b. If you are unsure this is correct communication port, follow steps below:
      i. Open Device Manager on Windows system
      ii. Open ports drop-down to see active ports.
      iii. Unplug and re-plug in USB connection to Eval-M1-101T
      iv. One COM port will disappear and reappear with your connection. This is the COM port you should select in MCEDesigner
      v. In MCEDesigner, select cancel to ignore error, then open Preference> Connection
      vi. Select COM port that you just determined is correct and click “OK”
      vii. Once communication error appears, ignore by selecting “Cancel”.
    4. In toolbar, select Tools> Programmer
    5. Select “Program Firmware and Parameters” in Operation options
    6. Select parameter .txt file
    7. Select firmware (.ldf) file that accompanies the MCEDesigner Configuration file (.IRC) in the latest version of the software package you downloaded.
    8. DO NOT YET PROGRAM. While keeping USB connection from computer to control board, turn off power to control board by unplugging power evaluation board.
    9. Wait for control board to fully power down
    10. When ready, provide power back to control board by plugging in then immediately click “program” in MCEDesigner.
      a. Once IC receives power, you have about a 2 second window to program.
      b. If an errors appears “Programming firmware and parameters file failed! Fail to disconnect from port!” then most likely one of two issues occurred:
      i. IC did not fully turn off. Need to unplug for longer amount of time
      ii. IC did not program fast enough. Need to select “Program” in MCEDesigner quicker
    11. Window will pop up “Programming firmware and parameters file successful!” Device can now be used as normal.
    Please note: If this did not work, IC may be damaged and can no longer be programmed. An IC in SBSL mode can be programmed with non-matching FW approximately 10 times. Afterwards, IC will lock itself permanently.
    The views expressed here are my personal opinions, have not been reviewed or authorized by Infineon and do not necessarily represent the views of Infineon.

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