Dear All,
I am writing this document in order to give a little help at all the iMOTION users.
I have used for many projects the FOC library present in DAVE, and works really fine, testing it with the uC board equipped with the XMC1302 (EVAL-M11302TOBO) and some interesting POWER BOARD based on the iMOTION 20-pin MADK-M1 Connector.
As you all know, this connector is present in many uC and POWER BOARD.

Since last year INFINEON developed some NEW BOARDS, based on the new family of CIPOS devices.
These new boards (for example the IM818, CTE/CTF 610/620 and IM231) are designed to work with the new IRMCK099 or IMC101T, iMOTION Control ICs, developing the solution with MCEWizard and MCEDesigner.
All the uC and POWER boards are equipped with the SAME iMOTION 20-pin MADK-M1 Connector; the scope is the possibility to test different POWER BOARDS with the same uC board.
MCEDesigner and MCEWizard give the possibility to the user to spin a motor in a very short time without any row of code.
The only problem is that MCEDesigner and MCEWizard are a little bit closed environments, unlike DAVE, that is the reference Eclipse-base IDE for the Infineon ARM-Cortex uCs.

Using DAVE you can have access to a lot of library and features, having total control of the uC. This is not possible with MCEWizard/MCEDesigner.
There is also another uC BOARD, the EVAL-M11302TOBO, based on the standard XMC1302. This board is very useful and versatile.
This board has a lot of free I/O's, I2C, UART, HALL SENSORS, SPI and many other capabilities; easy to set-up and opto-isolated.
It is also equipped with the iMOTION 20-pin MADK-M1 connector, claiming full compatibility with all the POWER BOARDS equipped with the same 20-pin connector.

Well, last month I have faced the problem of interfacing this board and one of the new POWER BOARD: the CTE620N3.
Please take note that there is FULL COMPATIBILITY with PWM OUTPUT and CURRENT SENSE INPUT, but, unfortunately, there is a problem with GATEKILL PIN.
This pin is designed to report a fault from the POWER BOARD to the uC board. If any fault occurs in the POWER BOARD, the GATEKILL goes from HIGH to LOW level, triggering an interrupt in the uC that SHUTS DOWN all the PWM outputs,
in order to put the power module in a safer zone.

In the new range of products, the BOARDS like IM818, IM231, CTE/CTF 610/620, this GATEKILL pin is connected to the ENABLE PIN, often called RFE.
In the NEW RANGE of CIPOS Power Modules, the RFE is a BI-DIRECTIONAL PIN, and shows three different funciotns: Fault Out, Enable In, and programmable fault-clear time.
This pin is pulled-up by a 4.87K resistor in ALL POWER BOARD of the new serie.
The problem is that THERE IS A LEVEL CONVERTER in the uC XMC1302 BOARD, that is based on TWO BJT configured as a LEVEL SHIFTER.
This means that the GATEKILL signal from the POWER BOARD does not feed directly the uC TRAP PIN (pin 32) but goes directly to the base of the BJT U3G$1 trough the 1K resistor (R46).
This resistor is TOO LOW in comparison to the PULL-UP resistor, and force to LOW LEVEL the ENABLE PIN. This caused to IGBT module to be in STOP MODE, and, of course, there is no possibility to drive any motor.
This means that, even changing by SOFTWARE any possible configuration, there is no chance to MOVE A MOTOR with the NEW POWER BOARDS connected to the EVAL-M11302TOBO.

We suggest as follow:
  • change the RESISTOR R46 in the uC board with an higer resistor, best is 10K instead of 1K.
  • change also the RESISTOR R45 in in the uC board with an higer resistor, best is 47K instead of 10K.
  • change the PULL-UP RESISTOR in ALL POWER BOARD with 2.2K instead of 4.7K
  • another possible solution is to BYPASS the LEVEL SHIFTER, dismounting R46 and U3SG$2, and conncting CTRAP/P0.12 directly to CTRAP_SIG/P0.12

Hope this can help someone of you in saving some time!

Best Regards

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