Good Day,

Need some clarification on the ramp period.
Existing D2G firmware is pre-configured with 200 us ramp down period (for 'up-chirp only' mode) - #define RAMP_DOWM_TIME_usec (200U) .
The *.tdd file is the result from mixed between received signal and reference.

Basically the signal tx and rx comprises:
up-ramp (user defined) + down-ramp (pre-config) + waiting time between chirps (pre-config) = 1 single chirp.

Q1 - In real, it transmit and receive an almost triangle chirp, right?

Q2 - The *.tdd is result by mixing this two signals in time domain inclusive the down-ramp part?
(If yes, i can use my current code to process a triangle chirp)

Need your clarification as I am post-processing the 'tdd' file via matlab to combine multiple signals (from multiple D2G) to create a MIMO.

Many thanks! :-)