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Thread: Using Infineon TLE493D-A2B6 with Teensy 3.2 (or arduino)

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    Using Infineon TLE493D-A2B6 with Teensy 3.2 (or arduino)

    I am using (or attempting to use) a teensy 3.2 using the Arduino IDE to interact with a 3-axis hall effects sensor (the Infineon TLE493D-A2B6). The sensor can only be interacted with via I2C, and it has 2 addresses. The first address (6A Hex) is the write address. 6B Hex is the read address. As an initial test, I am trying to write some configuration data, and then read back some sensor data (initially just 1 register worth of data, essentially the MSB for the x-axis). Here is my Arduino code:

    // Define includes

    #include <Wire.h> // Wire header file for I2C and 2 wire


    int HallAddressWrite = 0x6A; // Device write address

    int HallAddressRead = 0x6B; // Device write address

    byte X_Axis_MSB = 0x00; // Bx MSB register

    byte Y_Axis_MSB = 0x01; // By MSB register

    byte Z_Axis_MSB = 0x02; // Bz MSB register

    byte xy_Axis_LSB = 0x04; // Bx, By LSB register

    byte z_Axis_LSB = 0x05; // Bz, By LSB register

    byte config_Address = 0x10; //config register

    byte value=0; //init value

    int baudRate = 9600;

    The above section is initialisation stuff. Hardcoding register addresses etc.

    void setup() {

    Serial.begin(baudRate); // Set Serial Port speed


    Wire.begin(); // Join the I2C bus as a master

    Wire.beginTransmission(HallAddressWrite); // Address the sensor for writing

    Wire.write(config_Address); // Address the Configuration register

    Wire.write(0); // write the value to register

    Wire.endTransmission(); // Stop transmitting



    The above section is writing 00000000b register 10H

    void loop() {

    Wire.beginTransmission(HallAddressRead); // Address the sensor for Reading

    Wire.write(X_Axis_MSB); // Write pointer register

    Wire.requestFrom(HallAddressRead, 1); // 1 byte from sensor.

    value =; // Read byte from register 12

    Wire.endTransmission(); // Stop transmitting


    delay (500);


    I find that value always equals 255 (11111111b).

    Has anyone got any idea how I should be interacting with this device, or can provide some advice?

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    New Member New Member forix is on a distinguished road
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    You may try this: Library for Infineons's 3D magnetic sensor TLE493D for Arduino.

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